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Hi, you fierce and BEAUTIFUL Love!  I know how hard it is to keep the faith when we start to doubt ourselves. Whether you are thinking of applying to The McCord List Institute of Fashion & Influence to become the next Rachel Zoe or dream of becoming the next can be stressful working towards your fashion career. That's why I wanted to share this inspiring message from Iris Ruth Pastor.

Iris Ruth Pastor is an author and speaker whose mantra is “Preserving Your Bloom,” which encourages people to use their talents and resources to be the best they can be. You can read her forty-six year battle with bulimia in her newest book: The Secret Life of a Weight-Obsessed Woman.

Iris’s Tips: 

1)     Prioritize what you want most out of life – similar to writing a mission statement – it will guide you when you are in danger of going off track.

2)     Recognize: “Hope is not a plan. Hope fuels the plan.”

3)     Develop a routine for getting what you want most out of life and stick to the routine to get you there. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Concentrate on one aspect of life you would like to modify or change, make shifts and allow it lead you to greater happiness and fulfillment. Life is a journey not a marathon.

4)     Put yourself first. You can’t be there for friends or family if your tank is empty and you’re running on fumes. This includes getting adequate rest and relaxation, good nutrition and exercise.

5)     Don’t get hung up trying to create a balanced life daily. Try for an overall balance in life, while recognizing some days will be more stressful and trying than others. Compulsively aiming for a balance daily is an unnecessary energy sucker.

6)     Practice the art of gratitude and seek out the humorous. This will minimize your frustrations and magnify your sense of wonder and blessings.

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